Wands in UnEpic are non-rechargeable ranged type weapons with a variety of effects.

Unique wands will recharge automatically over time.

List of Wands

Name Charges Level Required Effect
Flare Launcher 20 1 Launches flares ahead, providing light down dark shafts and tunnels for a short time.
Wand of Trick or Treat ? 1 Turns the head of any humanoid into Pumpkins
Magic wand 20 1 Arcane Bolt
Wand of frostbolt 20 2 Frost Bolt
Wand of firebolt 20 2 Fire bolt
Wand of slow 20 3 Slow
Wand of polymorph 8 4 Polymorph
Wand of fireball 8 5 Fire Ball
Wand of paralysis 8 5 Paralysis
Jester staff 8 8 Transform victim's weapon

List of Wands (Unique)

Name Charges Level Required Effect
Arkanita 15 4 Arcane Bolt
Pyrita 10 6 Fire Bolt
Gelita 10 6 Ice Bolt
Incendya 4 8 Fire Ball

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