The Mine location on map (Full)

The Mine is a Zone located at the right of the Starting Zone.

It is red on the Map and is the second Zone you access in Single Player.

- Quests:

- The Doll. Located at Mines 7

The Forge of Fire at Box Room

A Dream Come True at Mines 11

Mines Map
Unepic Mines 1

Mines 1

Unepic Mines Magic Box

Box Room

Unepic Mines Corridor 1

Mines Entrance Corridor 1

Unepic Mines Corridor 2

Mines Entrance Corridor 2

Unepic Pre Mines corridor 4

Mines Entrance Corridor 3

Unepic Mines Crossroads Entrance 1

Mines crossroads 1

Unepic Mines 2

Mines 2

Unepic Mines 3

Mines 3

Unepic Mines 4

Mines 4

Unepic Mines 5

Mines 5

Unepic Mines 6edited

Mines 6

Unepic Mines 7

Mines 7

Unepic Mines 8

Mines 8

Unepic Mines Shop

Shop Room

Unepic Mines Boss Room

Boss Room

Unepic Mines 9

Mines 9

Unepic Mines Crossroads Entrance 2

Mines Crossroads 2

Unepic Mines 10

Mines 10

Unepic Mines 11

Mines 11

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