These spells are for the singleplayer game, the multiplayer spell list can be found here.


  • All Mental Spells require Golden Essences.

Table of Mental SpellsEdit

Name Spell Level Essences Effect Found at Additional Info
Sleep 1 2 Puts target to sleep Library Shop
Infravision 3 5 Causes all creatures on screen to glow for 60 seconds, doesn't work on invisible creatures. Catacomb Shop
Bright Mind 5 10 Increases casting speed for 60 seconds. Laboratory Shop
Telekinesis 7 1 Teleports all items on screen to your feet. Laboratory Shop
See Invisible 9 9 Allows you to see invisible enemies for 120 seconds. Halls Shop
Stunning 11 4 Stuns a creature. Halls Shop
Mental Control 14 Turns a creature against its allies. Tower Shop

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