List of Maces

Name Damage Level Required Shops Price
Mace 45 1
Hammer 80 3 Mine Shop 40g
Combat Mace 120 5 Sewer Shop 56g
Hammer of the Blacksmith 160 7 Garden Shop 72g
War Mace 200 9 Library Shop 88g
Fire Scepter 220
Critical chance with fire: +5%
Extra damage with fire: +35%
10 Catacombs Shop 346g
Ice Scepter 220
Critical chance with frost: +5%
Extra damage with frost: +35%
10 Catacombs Shop 346g
Morningstar 240 11 Catacombs Shop 104g
War Hammer 280 13 Labolatory Shop 120g
Great Hammer 320 15 Halls Shop 136g
Hammer of the Paladin 330 
Critical chance with light :+5%
Extra damage with light: +60%
When you destroy an undead creature, the God of Light grants you 3 divine favor instead of one
15 Halls Shop 800g
Great Morningstar 360 17 Tower Shop 152g

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