Lepha is a miniboss in the Halls.
Unepic Lepha


He keeps the Black Key, a quest item for The Shield of Koth'Narak.


Attack Damage
Shoots Ice bolts It deals 32 damage which apply freeze status.
Sticks out his tongue

It deals no damage and apply the slow status.

Body contact


Limited amount of mini crabs

They bite you and deal 60 damage


Use a melee weapon to kill the mini crabs first, they won't spawn again. Shoot him with a bow or spells to hit the boss. Fire spells or Poison arrows are nice as the inflict a dot, when you can't fire at him really often.

Moreover, the mini crabs drop some red essences.

If you want a break, you can climb the ladder to the upper rooms (kill the Ice Helmet beforehand).

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