List of Bows

Name Damage Level Required Arrow Type
Short Bow 50 1 Short Arrow
Reinforced Short Bow 70 5 Short Arrow
Composite Short Bow 90 7 Short Arrow
Library Shop
Critical chance with bows: +5%
A second bowstring lets you fire two arrows at once, but it takes longer to reload.
8 Long Arrow
Light Long Bow 110 9 Long Arrow
Long Bow 130 11 Long Arrow
Meltroth 135
Attack speed with bows: +18%
Critical chance with bows: +9%

Arrows shot from this bow transform into acid upon impact, corroding the target for a few seconds. Especially effective against helmets, armor and constructs.
12 Arcane Arrow
Reinforced Long Bow 150 13 Long Arrow
Composite Great Longbow 170 15 Long Arrow
Great Longbow 190 17 Long Arrow

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