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List of Single-Player Bosses
Name Location Attacks Passive Powers Special Powers Weaknesses Drops Other Notes
Dynidon Mine

Crushes his head on the floor

Spawn multiple eggs, making pop his sons

/ (None) His Head. Hit it when he crushes it on the floor. Fire is also quite efficient.

Sewer Key


Momoko (miniboss)

Sewer entrance /

Immune to DMG unless mouth is open

(None His mouth. Shoot arrows at it when it's open. / /
Drakonius Sewer (teleport to Volcano)

Fire bolts.

Wing Attack

/ (None) Frost Gardens Key /
Arbolus Gardens / / (None)



Library Key /

Leviathos (miniboss)

Library entrance / / Pulls you into the air (None) / He will attract you and you'll fall into spikes except if you grab the rope
Neuron Library

Deals damage over time

Makes you attempt to suicide

Makes you empty your potions

Silences you (ie. no spell casting)

Will reverse your left / right controls

Will make you teleport yourself away

Immune to magic or arrows, which will come back to you. /

His massive eye must be hit by high-damaged weapons.

Catacombs Key

600 gold

Prior to fight, drop:

  • dangerous spell elements (eg. so you can't fireball yourself)
  • potions you don't want to lose
  • teleport tools (so they can't be used)

Once fight's done, they'll all still be there to pick up.

Sux Mortis


(TP to the Underworld)

Throws his scythe

Crawls forward, along the ground, and stabbing his scythes in and out of the ground as he goes

Spawns axe skeleton mobs

Invokes arcane balls by striking the ground with his scythes

/ (None)

Light spells

The Spirit Of Light pet found in this level area makes this boss fight easy

Laboratory Key

800 gold

A surprisingly easy fight if you have the Spirit Of Light pet fighting with you.
Gauntlik Prison

Rock (Mashes the ground)

Paper (Rays comes out his 5 fingers)

Cizors (Cut the ground and you with it)

Can't be attacked directly. (None) Fire and Arcane spells, and the back of the hand

Halls Key

1000 gold

Lepha (miniboss) Halls

Shoots ice bolts.

Spawn mini crabs.

/ (None) /

Black Key

(Quest item)

Use your melee weapon to kill the mini crabs and a bow/spells to attack him.
Medeox Halls Petrifies, poison you / (None) Fire, Frost,Transmute Metal

Tower Key

1200 gold

Kill the snakes first, and always avoid his ray. You can easily kill him with the Alteration spell transmute metal.


(final / mini boss)

Elven Village

Multi-directional stunning arcane bolts.


/ (None) /


List of Multi-Player Bosses
Name Location Attacks Passive Powers Special Powers Weaknesses Drops Other Notes
Ulakk The Dungeon Of Satyrs

AoE that poisons everyone in the room dealing damage over time.

Launches chunks of itself upon damage that do damage on contact and bounce around. / / /

Can prevent poison AoE by attacking while charging.


The Search for the magic

Spawn poison bats

Spawn kamikaze Rat

Spawn Frogs

Can't be aimed directly / / / Place bomb underneath him, so that kamikaze rats and frogs will explode
Dynidion Exploring a Hole Raises up out of the ground swinging side to side damageing players / Can spawn eggs that will hatch into small worms / / Also when fighting him their are mini versions of him that do the same has him except for spawn small worms. They should be focused on first because they will get in the way. Once one is killed they will not respawn.  
Arbolus Night of the Trifids / / / / / /
Sux Mortis Sherwood Graveyard / / / Light magic /
Redhair Guy Count of the Monte Orc / / / / Not a boss, but the NPC you've got to bring back in order to have the loots
Dynamo Twilight / / / / / /

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